July 4 Weekend

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Happy Monday! Sorry for the lack of updates and know it's a bit late but wanted to share pictures from my 4th of July :) I went to New York for the holiday weekend and discovered an adorable dessert spot called The Bakeshop located in Brooklyn. I also went to Smorgasburg and shared delicious eats and refreshing drinks with my sister and J. After several attempts to find the best tacos, four to be exact, we found an amazing taco place called Taqueria Diana in St. Marks. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had an amazing Fourth for those in the states!

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Love, Sharon


  1. looks like you had a lovely time! xx

  2. Ah all the food looks amazing!


  3. Looks like such a wonderful weekend. Love all these pictures...dying over all that delicious food :)
    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog

  4. Lovely pictures! I hope you had a fantastic weekend :) X

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  5. food looks amazing!