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Orange Is The New Black

It's pumpkin season! Everywhere I go I see pumpkin but I'm not complaining I love it. I bought a box of pumpkin spice macarons from Trader Joes this past weekend and they were delicious, only $5 for a box of 12! Another reason why I love fall is because some of my favorite places offer pumpkin cupcakes. I'm in the process of re arranging and decorating my space and can't wait to show what it looks like after I'm done. Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys the fall foliage. P.S. Happy Birthday Saya!

Love, Sharon


  1. love everything pumpkin that cupcake looks amazing!!

  2. I love fall too because of the autumn foliage and pumpkins! I'm going to make pumpkin pie soon with my friends this weekend!

  3. lovely pictures as always! need to stop by trader joes for those macarons :)

  4. red velvet cupcake is my favorite!

  5. Oooh, I loved the macrons too!


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