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Hola Cancún

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Hello! It's so surreal that I'm in Cancun. Cancun is so gorgeous and breathtaking I'm already thinking of coming back. Everything is so picturesque! Next time I would love to stay in Tulum and see a different side of Mexico! Everyone's been asking where I'm staying - I'm staying at Hyatt Ziva (no I'm not sponsored by Hyatt). I would definitely recommend the resort, it's all inclusive and everyone is super friendly. Food is great, those that know me know that I'm a picky eater and I had no trouble finding something to eat because there were 7 restaurants to choose from. Luckily I came at the perfect time because weather is amazing - cool breeze and lots of sunshine. I spent most of my time at the resort since I just planned to rest and enjoy the beach. Honestly I'm not a beach girl but Cancun was a game changer. I spent almost every day gazing and swimming in the clear, blue water. Cancun reminded me of when I went to Bahamas, but the water isn't as salty. I'm hoping to travel to Iceland, Italy, Thailand, Japan, and Korea sometime this year! Cancun is an amazing place, I love the culture and the people are friendly and so welcoming. Stay tuned for part two of my Cancun trip! Happy weekend everyone!Also thank you to everyone for the kind words on my first photo revealing myself :)

Love, Sharon


  1. so jealous i would love to visit cancun someday

  2. Loving the pictures! So beautiful!

  3. I was in Cancun a few years ago and loved it more than I thought I would as well! I definitely hope to see more photos of yourself :)

  4. You make me want to take early vacation! Gorgeous pictures!!

  5. Summer [vacation] couldn't come soon enough! I especially love that penultimate photo :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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