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Think Pink

I never thought of picking up pink hydrangeas but oh my - so beautiful! Just the perfect hint of pink. My friend bought my first record, Lana Del Rey's "born to die" album and I'm so excited to play it. I just bought a record player and it's coming in this week! I'm excited to show you all my new space, I'm redecorating my room and switching up the furniture. I've been interested in interior designing and have been shopping for things here and there. I'm also starting my own flower garden! I bought pink peonies to plant in the garden - wish me luck, hopefully they bloom. I've always had bad luck with planting flowers. 

Love, Sharon


  1. That second photo is beautiful! My friend recently went on a quest to buy pink peonies for a special event, and they were surprisingly hard to find. We didn't have very many options at the time we went out, but we did end up finding a flower shop that had pink peonies. They were $14!!! But they were the only option we had, so my friend bought them. It'll be nice to have a bunch growing in your garden :) Then you wouldn't have to struggle like we did! :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Hydrangeas are so instagrammable! At the moment, I have been quite obsessed with peonies, but this is so cute! x

  3. The flowers 😍😍😍 they are so beautiful. Good luck at planting, i have always failed too :(

    JULIE ||

  4. Beautiful photos! Your blog is so inspiring!!


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