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Summer Picks

Where did the time go? We're already halfway through the year! This past weekend was pretty amazing because I went to Beyonce's concert - no words to express how amazing it was. Beyonce's concert is actually my first concert and she blew me away with her performances and vocals. It felt so surreal. Snippets from the concert can be seen here and here. I went to Philly for the day with my one of my close girlfriends so we could venture into the city before the show, and Philly didn't disappoint! So many places to eat and amazing coffeeshops! I definitely recommend Green Eggs Cafe and Function Coffee Labs - their PB & J latte is one of the best lattes I've ever had. I'm already planning my next trip to Philly! Any recommendations are welcome! 

Few of my summer picks:
one. you can never have enough flowers - pink peonies are my favorite!
two. good pair of sunnies, current favorite brand is gentle monster
three. summer fruits! watermelon is always a favorite, so refreshing! 
four. lip balm. my go to is ysl's dewy papaya, beautiful peachy shade with a yummy fruity scent. 
five. cult favorite and my favorite blush. nars blush in orgasm (pictured above is limited edition)
six. love a good nail polish that is long lasting and doesn't chip. chanel has never let me down, the one pictured above is organdi
seven. simple silver rings. the ones pictured above are from a flea market in brooklyn
eight. my go to scents have floral and fruity notes, I've really been loving roses de chloe

Love, Sharon


  1. There's a very charming turn-of-the-century-style ice cream parlor in Philly called The Franklin Fountain off Market Street. The ice cream is delicious! Reading Market is a great area for food as well, and it includes DiNic's roast pork sandwich which was voted best sandwich in America. -Anne

    1. ah thank you so much for those tips! i've been to reading market a couple of times - always a favorite xx

    2. You're very welcome! Did you like the ice cream? :)

    3. yes! amazing :) thank you for the recommendation!

  2. I'm currently studying in Philly! Well, not right NOW because I'm on summer break, but yeah :P Ooh I love Green Eggs Cafe! I've seen so many people Instagram red velvet pancakes from there, and I finally got to visit during the first week of summer. I didn't get the red velvet pancakes, but the other food my friend and I ordered were so delicious! Hmm, there are many cute cafes around 2nd St, and Franklin Fountain is basically right at the entrance of 2nd St station! Chinatown is near Reading Market, so you could pop by there too :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. i saw the red velvet pancakes there too looks so amazing! i went to chinatown and got some soup dumplings before i left :)

  3. A very pretty post and photos, as always!


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