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Hello Los Angeles

Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles you were a dream. Goodbyes are always hard and Los Angeles made it hard to say goodbye. For my last full day in LA I woke up early from my hotel and checked into my airbnb before heading to a coffee spot on my list. Mike and Eric Yi have a coffee truck, Tactile Coffee, and it's on my top three favorite coffee places. They make all of their add-ins and stuff from scratch except for one syrup, the vanilla. I wasn't a huge fan of counter culture coffee until I had their coffee. I recommend their iced mocha or chai, but I did hear that their black & tan is pretty amazing as well. They're hoping to open a brick and mortar soon! I'll definitely be back once it opens! You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and read their rave reviews on YelpAfterwards I headed to the Grove to do some window shopping and look around. I went to Nordstrom for some shades before picking out a sunglass from Wildfox. I spent some time shopping at Zara before walking to the Farmers Market for a bit. I definitely recommend stopping by the Farmers Market - so many choices yet so little time. Because I was on a time crunch I headed to Beverly Hills. First stop was Sugarfish! I'm not going to lie I went there because I saw everyone snapping photos on Instagram, but the sushi didn't disappoint - it was fresh and delicious! My sister and I went to Bow Truss to recharge and then headed out to Rodeo Drive to do some more window shopping. Rodeo Drive is so beautiful! All the stores are so classy and lovely even from the outside. Venice Beach - what a sight! We went to Lemonade for some drinks before strolling around Abbot Kinney. So many cool shops and great places to eat. Luckily we got there right when it was about to hit sunset so we walked over to the boardwalk to view the sunset. Breathtaking view. You can see my sunset photo here on my Instagram in case you missed it. We met up with Mike and headed to dinner. We had trouble deciding on what to eat before Mike suggested having Korean food at this one spot he liked, Juntong Sullongtang. One of the best sul lung tang places I've been to! Sul lung tang is also known as ox bone soup. It's one of my favorite foods - trust me it tastes way better than it sounds. On the last day we went to Urth Caffe where we spotted Steven Tyler! I was too shy to say hello but I always remember him by his song I Don't Want to Miss a Thing from the movie Armageddon. One of my all time favorites. Urth Caffe is pretty amazing so I definitely recommend stopping by one of their locations. They're always busy and I can see why, incredible food and coffee. A lady walked over to me as I was looking at the menu and suggested that I try their spanish latte. Oh my, it was amazing. My sister and I walked to Alfred Tea Room and tried their iced matcha and rose tea bubble. Such a cute spot for photos - ah their pink walls! I took a snap outside here. Before taking our flight we went to LACMA since we didn't have a chance to go earlier. I've always daydreamed of going to see the Urban Lights and it was beautiful. It's a lot smaller than you think, but still a sight to see! I heard it's a popular spot at night as well. Sadly I didn't get to see everything on my list, but I'll be back LA. You have my heart.Next stop...Paris. Stay tuned!

Love, Sharon


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  2. What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are incredible per usual!

  3. Lovely photos! I really want to back to LA! x

  4. So glad you love my city as much as I do! Everything here is so vibrant. x

  5. You definitely can't go wrong with Venice Beach. I love going to L.A! :)

  6. This post definitely brings me back, I was recently in L.A and I absolutely loved my time there. All of these photos are beautiful as well!


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