November 28, 2016 Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, you're a beauty. After spending two days in Bangkok I flew to Phuket to relax and go on a boat tour with my friend Sarah. It was my first time in Phuket so I didn't know what to expect but luckily the weather was amazing during our stay. We went island hopping on our boat tour and got in touch with nature, but the most memorable moment was hand feeding watermelons to the monkeys on the island. I watched them from afar afterwards as they were happily eating fresh fruits the crew handed out to them. We also went on a canoe tour with a guide who sang Thai songs and gave us the best views of Phuket. Although there were language barriers his genuine smile and thoughtfulness made my trip unforgettable. The rest of our itinerary in Phuket was relaxing on our floaties in the pool while jamming out to good music. Oh, and when in Thailand you have to try their fruits - oh my their mangosteen is amazing! I need to find some in the states. Langsat, mangos, and coconuts are delicious as well! I have to say that my highlight of my trip was feeding baby elephants bananas, but I do want to emphasize that it's important to do your research when planning to see elephants. A majority of elephants are neglected and abused for tourism, and while it may be exciting to see elephants please look into ethical ways to interact with elephants. There are elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai where you can bathe and feed elephants, a reputable one I found is Elephant Nature Park (not pictured above). Next time I visit Thailand I want to visit Chiang Mai, I've only heard great things about it!

Love, Sharon


  1. Aww I love Phuket, it always brings back happy memories as that's where I got engaged :) Did you visit any of the islands?

    Hanh | Hanhabelle

  2. It looks so beautiful!!! x

  3. Phuket is so beautiful! I would love to visit someday. :)

  4. Once you have seen the temples and ancient UNESCO sites on your Thailand tours, head out to a more wild and undiscovered side of the country. Wat Pho is one of the less crowded places to visit in Thailand.


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