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Spring In Paris

It's officially Spring! Paris during the springtime is beautiful, little buds blooming to pink blossoms all around the city. It's only been six month since the last time I visited Paris, but Paris is always a good idea - right? My friend never visited Paris before so I took her around my favorite spots in the city. There's always something to do in Paris and the same sights never gets old. This time around since I arrived in Paris during the weekend it was much more busier than when I came last time, but still dreamy as always. What's your favorite season in Paris?

Love, Sharon


  1. Booking a trip now. Where did you stay? Looks dreamy!

  2. Very beautiful! :)

  3. The view from your balcony is totally everyone's Parisian dream! And your pictures always so gorgeous.
    May I know if it's Airbnb apartment or not?
    I'm coming this May and been looking to experience this ultimate Paris Bucket List x

  4. Hey, can i ask which Airbnb apartment this is?

  5. Hello, what is the hotel name, please. Thanks

  6. Hey How did you created your blog? Do you pay or smthng? Do you use an app ? Please answer i want to make a blog and be succesful as you !


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