May 3, 2018 Nokesville, VA 20181, USA

For what seemed like forever...spring blooms have finally made its appearance! Cherry blossom season this year also bloomed late due to the weather dipping into the 40s in March and April. Regardless, flower picking season was just around the corner and I was able to go visit a farm in Nokesville, Virginia. I went to Burnside Farms, the same farm I went to last year. They moved locations and sadly only a portion of the tulips were in full bloom due to crop failure, but it was still worth a visit. Gorgeous rows of colored tulips lined up, just waiting to be picked. It was almost 90 degrees by the time I was done picking flowers, but luckily there was a cool breeze while I was under the sun.  

I must have flowers, always, and always - Claude Monet

Have you gone flower picking? If you haven't, I would try googling nearby farms and flower fields! It's a fun experience picking your own blooms.

I have two trips coming up this month, very excited to share my travels in the upcoming posts! Also, I promise to have my travel tips post up this month!

Love, Sharon


  1. So beautiful! I'll have to have a look if there are any spots like this to visit in the UK xx


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