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Seoul Cafes

Seoul, South Korea
There are so many cafes sprawled in Korea that it's almost impossible to choose and just have one cup of coffee. I love how unique and beautifully designed each coffee shop was, they each had their own vibe and were meticulously curated. One thing I noticed was that a lot of cafe's open late (expect for franchised cafes), around 10:30-11am, but they close late. I will say that Korea doesn't have that many plant based alternatives, but iced americanos are usually the staple drink in Korea.

Below are a list of cafes I would recommend going when you're in Seoul!


An adorable cafe with outside seating! I would say it's a bit on the pricier side, but Hannam is an affluent residence area in Seoul which is probably why everything is priced a bit higher. My sister found this place on Instagram and we thought we'd check it out since it was only a 15 minute walk away from our airbnb. The green tea pound cake was moist and my early grey milk tea was amazing. Only downside would be the limited seating, but I would stop by if you're in the area. There's also a mirror outside of the building where you can take a selfie! Check their instagram here and location tag here.

What caught my attention about this cafe was the incredible view you can get if you're early enough to get a window seat. It's in an office building so you need to take the elevator, but once you get off you'll see huge glass doors that leads you inside the cafe. I didn't have many expectations for coffee, but this is probably on my top 3 for coffee. One tip is to get there right when it opens or during their "off hours" when people who work in the building aren't on their break. The cafe also smells wonderful because they use Jo Malone candles and have Jo Malone lotion inside to use! Check out their instagram here


I stumbled into this coffee shop when I was walking around Hannam and loved the simple, but cool branding. I got an iced americano and was surprised at how strong, but smooth the coffee was. Plenty of seating inside and outside seating as well! I loved how there were pops of color in contrast to the brown benches and tiles inside. It is located in a quiet street next to homes, but I would stop by if you're in Hannam! Check their instagram hereRAW COFFEE STAND

Love love love this coffee shop. Probably my favorite coffee shop in Korea because coffee was amazing and cheap! Definitely where a lot of the locals go and it's right next to the metro. Perfect place to people watch or grab a coffee to go. I loved that it was in a quiet alley and people of all ages came to drink coffee with loved ones or friends. It's also perfect place to take a snap! Check their instagram here and tag here.MOMENT COFFEE
This is the smaller Japanese cafe called Moment Coffee in Hongdae. They're known for their bread which is available at their bigger store in Yeonnam-dong. It's located next to the street shopping in Hongdae so if you can't find seating at first, I would suggest checking back in after you do some shopping. It's a tiny coffee shop with limited seating so I would try to come early to grab a seat. Check their instagram hereTHEIR COFFEE

A homey cafe in Hongdae's residential area called Their Coffee by a couple who had a passion for coffee. They sell adorable totes and home goods that you can browse while sipping on coffee. A perfect place to stop by if you want a break from the hustle and bustle from shopping in Hongdae. Check their instagram hereSEOUL COFFEE

I saw this coffee shop on Instagram and was fascinated by the design, it was a mix of traditional with a modern twist. I ordered drinks and a green tea tiramisu without any expectations, but it was amazing! On the pricier side, but I loved the concept and traditional drinks they offered. I would definitely go back! I got iced misugaru and my sister got pumpkin sikhye, which she couldn't stop raving about. Check their instagram herePEER COFFEE

Another beautiful cafe in Hannam with outside seating as well. I love how welcoming the people were and seemed like they really knew their coffee. The first time I passed by this coffee shop I already had coffee at Low Coffee (literally a two minute walk away), so I came back in a couple of days to check this coffee shop out. I had their iced latte with almond milk, so good! They roast their own beans, you can check their instagram here.OTHER SUGGESTIONS
I wasn't able to go inside Coffee Nap Roasters or Thanks, Oat because it opened too late but I was able to stop by outside and take a snap for future reference. Both popular places and they're only 3 minutes from each other! Paik's Coffee is everywhere and I had it at least twice when I was in Seoul. It's owned by a popular chef named Baek Jong Won, and he started it hoping that everyone would be able to have drinks that are affordable and delicious. Stop by inside and you won't regret it!Any other cafes you'd recommend? I can't wait until my next visit to Korea so I can go cafe hopping! I hope you'll be able to stop by one of these coffee shops when you're in Korea! You can also check my instagram here and see my Korea highlights. 


Love, Sharon


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