The Pink Diary

  • 11.06.2014


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    It’s starting to get chilly which means I get to dress comfy and sip on hot cocoa! I’ve been feeling uninspired after my trip to New York so I’ve been going to cafe’s and trying to refocus and figure out what I’m passionate about. The sun has been setting earlier which has motivated me to wake up and start my day early. I’ve recently redecorated and furnished my room with succulents and cacti which has livened up my room! I did some online shopping for my desk space and purchased prints and home decor which lit up my room with the pops of color. What’s keeping you going and staying motivated?

    P.S. picked up Taylor Swift’s 1989 cd and it’s living up to the hype. 



    Love, Sharon



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    This post rounds up the last part of my trip to New York! For the last couple of days I decided to venture out to Brooklyn and familiar places I cherish going to such as Flatiron and Meatpacking. Williamsburg, Brooklyn is always a cool place to go because of the vibrant buildings and laid back vibe compared to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Here are a list of some places that I would recommend:


    1 | Joseph Leonard
    Definitely a place you should check out! I would go during the weekday because usually on the weekend there’s a long wait. Their avocado toast is amazing with the perfect hint of sea salt that adds a nice crunch to the toast.
    2 | Presstea
    Great selection of refreshments and food! Their tea is nothing like I’ve tasted before your tastebuds will thank you later. Next time I want to try their ramenritto!
    3 | Friend of a Farmer
    A spot tucked in Gramercy that has fresh ingredients which makes this place even better. I had the cobb salad and the bacon is delicious…want to go back just for it!
    4 | Maison Kayser
    Don’t be fooled because it’s a franchise they have delicious bakery goods and food! Next time I want to come here for brunch their menu is fantastic.
    5 | Bakeri
    Adorable bakery in Williamsburg, Brookyn. Had tea and a couple of pastries their lavender shortcake is delicious! A charming place for those who want to take a break in between their stroll for some treats.
    6 | Momofuku Milk Bar
    Went to the Brooklyn Milk Bar for their cereal milk soft serve (all milk bars carry this) and to pick up the corn cookie! They’re known for their crack pie and yummy desserts!
    This place was beautiful at night with the outdoor lighting so my sister and I decided to go after Chelsea Market for dinner. We ordered margherita pizza and mussels, the pizza was ok but the mussels and the sweet tart (virgin cocktail) were amazing!
    8The Grey Dog
    Passed by this place several times but never gave it a chance, but decided to this trip and regret not going there sooner! Have an amazing menu with a variety to choose from, reasonable prices and everyone is super friendly.
    9 | Doughnut Plant
    Second time coming to Doughnut Plant, not a huge fan of donuts (I prefer ice cream and cupcakes) but they have a variety of donuts to choose from. All of their donuts are fresh and handmade daily, a couple that I want to try next time is green tea matcha and lavender flower. The pumpkin is amazing as well has a nice kick to it!



    1 | Artists & Fleas
    There are two locations, Chelsea and Brooklyn, with a variety of vendors with products ranging from bath scrubs to vintage jewelry. I purchased danity rings and a pouch before I left, a great place for those looking for something unique and to take a piece of New York.
    2 | Catbird
    I bought a dainty ring and a ring holder in the shape of a cat (so cute!). Always had a couple of things on my wishlist from catbird and wanted to check it out since I was going to visit Brooklyn. A charming store with jewelry and items, a great place for those that love cats!
    3 | Sabon
    Found this place while walking around and smelled something delightful while walking to dinner. Stopped by and the sales representative was very helpful and discovered great products that actually work. Huge fan of their body scrub and body butter, the rose tea is a lovely scent without being heavily fragranced.



    Love, Sharon



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    Greenwich and West Village are places I’ve strolled around but never really had a chance to look around, but I told myself I would go back once I had the opportunity. I wanted to brunch at Joseph Leonard but the wait was an hour and a half so we decided to go elsewhere. My sister and I walked around to see if there was another place nearby and ended up at Extra Virgin. They had an amazing smoked salmon eggs benedict (I know I say that about almost every place that serves it but it was delicious!) and fresh squeezed orange juice. The weather was amazing and so we sat outside and soaked in the sun and admired the fall foliage while we brunched! Afterwards we walked around Bleecker Street and along the way stopped by Van Leeuwen in Greenwich for a scoop of pistachio and early grey ice cream. The streets were busy with children trick-or-treating with their parents and even dogs were dressed up for the occasion as well. I got to squeeze in a little shopping in SoHo and stopped by Chobani before heading home.

    The next day my sister took me to Cup & Cup, a Korean coffee shop and cafe that serves heavenly lattes. We decided to get lunch and ordered bibimbap and green tea and red velvet latte! As tradition we always get macaron with tea or coffee together and catch up so we headed over to Macaron Cafe. They have a variety of flavors to choose from but my favorites are green tea, rose, and honey lavender. Part 3 of my trip will be up next stay tuned!


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    Love, Sharon



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    I’m currently in New York City and discovering new places this time! I told myself I would try out new places I’ve never been (or been once) to since I always go to the same restaurants and cafes. All of the places I’ve been to have been amazing (food wise) and wanted to recommend some places to go if you’re in need of places to try.


    1 | Freemans
    Amazing place to have brunch but everything on their menu is delicious anytime you go! I love this place because of their homey and warm decor, the stringed lightbulbs and plants welcoming you in.
    2 | Morgenstern’s Ice Cream Shop
    I had their raw milk + green tea pistachio…this is so gooood period. A must try for any ice cream fanatic!
    3 | Mokbar
    A new spot in Chelsea Market that opened up recently and have gotten raves for their Korean style ramen with a variety of dishes with a twist. Korean fusion with a kick. I shared tteokboki and the classic mokbar classic ramen…yum!
    4 | Los Tacos 1
    I always passed by this taco place in Chelsea Market but never gave it a chance until my friends told me that this place has one of the best tacos. I had the carne asada taco after Mokbar and wanted to go back for more…it’s on top of my list with Taqueria Diana on St. Marks.
    5 | Nook
    I didn’t want to try a new brunch place but heard great things about it so I decided to try it out as long as they offered smoked salmon eggs benedict. Their poached eggs are different
    I don’t know what it is but it’s incredible. It’s tiny inside and there’s a wait but it’s worth it!
    6 | Happy Bones
    I was told this cafe was tiny and busy so I wasn’t planning on going, but passed by it and luckily there was an empty table so I decided to sit down and enjoy some hot chocolate and a doughnut. I’ve seen bloggers post pictures on Instagram so I’ve been wanting to check it out and see what the hype was all about. The ambiance and food were on point and for those who are suckers for packaging they sell water in a milk carton!
    7 | Paris Baguette
    This is a franchise that started in Korea and found its way in the States but I love that their cafe offers a great view of the city (in the Times Square location) and bathrooms. Their green tea cheesecake and iced green tea was a great pick me up! It’s a great place for tourists and New York natives who want to rest or catch up with friends and enjoy yummy pastries and drinks. I try to come when I visit because it’s my little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    8 | Umami Burger
    The truffle burger is hard to beat! Hands down the best burger in town (in my opinion). Even though it is a franchise and started in the West Coast it is unbelievably good. For anyone that loves truffle (like myself) I would recommend the truffle especiale burger and the truffle fries…mmmmm!



    Farmers Market is always a treat on the weekend with fresh produce, jam, flowers, you name it. My sister and I picked up a small pumpkin and lavender on the way home!

    *I would also recommend Grounded Coffee. My sister had the black tea rose latte and I had the green tea soy latte…it’s like a taste of heaven. I was hesitant to share this place because it’s that amazing and did I mention that it’s organic?!

    Part 2 of my NYC diary will be up as soon as my trip wraps up but for the meantime check my Instagram and Twitter for my whereabouts and adventures in the city. Feel free to comment below and recommend any other places I should go to during my stay!



    Love, Sharon



    gardenminiIMG_0057IMG_0055IMG_0054IMG_0048image5 (3)image1 (5)INFLUENTIAL

    I’ve always wanted to build a terrarium ever since I saw photos on pinterest so I drove to my local garden center and bought succulents and cactus along with some materials. I picked up a small glass bowl and three hanging mini glass bowls to place around the house. I depotted the succulents and placed it in the bowls and added terrarium dirt. I thought it would take only a couple of minutes but it took two hours or so because I wasn’t happy with how it turned out the first time. I’m not exactly sure what to do with the cactus yet but that will be my next project! I wish I could’ve taken more pictures of the process but it started pouring but hopefully this will inspire you to create a mini garden :)


    Love, Sharon



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    I know it’s only mid-October but I wanted to share some things that have brought me laughter and joy in October. What are some things that made you happy or smile? Here are mine:

    1 | Spontaneous trip to DC and making time for Sprinkles cupcakes with friends! (My favorite flavors are strawberry and pumpkin)

    2 | Having meaningful conversations with friends while enjoying the crisp fall air.

    3 | Greek yogurt + granola + berries = happiness. Plus pretty flowers = happiness.

    4 | Celebrating October birthdays! Making new memories with friends and family is priceless.



    Love, Sharon



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    It’s pumpkin season! Everywhere I go I see pumpkin but I’m not complaining I love it. I bought a box of pumpkin spice macarons from Trader Joes this past weekend and they were delicious, only $5 for a box of 12! Another reason why I love fall is because some of my favorite places offer pumpkin cupcakes. I’m in the process of re arranging and decorating my space and can’t wait to show what it looks like after I’m done. Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys the fall foliage. P.S. Happy Birthday Saya!


    Love, Sharon



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    Hello, happy October! Last weekend I was in New York City and wanted to share snippets from my trip. The highlight of my trip was The North River Lobster Company. It’s a hidden gem in the city where you can ride a boat and enjoy fresh seafood while having a view of the city. I was also in town when the People’s Climate March was taking place and was amazed to see the turn out, almost 400,000 people took over the streets of New York! The weather was amazing so I walked around and enjoyed hot chocolate at High Line and enjoyed the fall breeze. I discovered new spots in the city and went to my first flea market in the city! And how did I not know about Chobani in SoHo – that place is amazing! Can’t wait to go back to New York and get lost in the city in the fall! A big thank you to Distrikt Hotel for the hospitality.


    Love, Sharon



    T1 T2 T3

    I picked up these pretty pink tulips yesterday night and they lit up my room when I woke up in the morning! The quote from my Kate Spade’s agenda has been encouraging me to live the life I’ve always imagined and not doubt what I can achieve. Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far! I have some exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to share :)



    Love, Sharon



    photo 2 (38) photo 3 (25)str

    Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. So excited that it’s already September! Can’t wait for the upcoming fall festivities and fall clothes; if you can’t tell already fall is my favorite season. I thought I would share some of my fall staples like a neutral tone bag, denim jacket, and black denim jeans. What are your wardrobe staples for fall?


    Love, Sharon