Summer days are only fun for the first week or so, and then I get tired of the summer heat and pray that fall is near. To keep me preoccupied from the weather I decided to make ice pops with fresh fruits I had at home! Amazon, Ikea, and Whole Foods¬†have been my best friend over the past month and keeping me preoccupied at home, trying out new recipes. Hope everyone’s staying cool!



Love, Sharon



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The weather has been hot, humid, and drizzly¬†the past couple of weeks so I’ve been staying cool with fresh fruit at home. I got a wake up call from the doctor to change my lifestyle and make smarter¬†choices so. My doctor¬†suggested that I try cooking at home instead of going out, which I am guilty of. Here are a few suggestions for those looking for healthier snack alternatives!

  1. Reach for fruits (nature’s natural sweets) instead of cookies and processed sweets
  2. Make your own pops with fresh & minimal ingredients from home and skip the ice cream aisle
  3. Refresh your thirst with green tea! I’ve been drinking iced green tea everyday and add sliced lemons for an extra zest. But make sure you don’t drink it at night unless it’s decaf, I couldn’t sleep until 4am because I drank 2 cups before bedtime.
  4. Everything is about balance – overeating on fruits (I’m guilty) isn’t good either but cutting processed food like cookies and sweets will improve your over health, emotionally and physically. But don’t beat yourself up if you¬†have an occasional ice cream or chocolate chip cookie :)



Love, Sharon


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Fun and easy way to eat fresh fruit – in a coconut!
What you need: coconut & choice of fresh fruits
1. Crack open a coconut and empty it out. I put the coconut juice in a cup to enjoy later.
2. Chop up your choice of fresh fruits and place it inside the coconut
3. Voila, enjoy!

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I made these ice cream pops at home with my sister, super easy to make!
What you need: ice cream cone mold (I purchased mine from amazon), fresh strawberry, banana, almond milk, and yogurt
1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and put it in the mold and freeze overnight
2. Take it out from the freezer and run the mold under water for about 5-10 seconds to help the pop come out without breaking
3. Enjoy!

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I was homesick while staying in New York for a couple of weeks, and am so happy to be back home. I love New York but I grew up and live in a suburban neighborhood where I can drive around and have my personal space¬†(I’m a bit claustrophobic). Lately I’ve been trying out new food recipes at home and spending time with my sister. We both love flowers and¬†to me,¬†flowers are a little reminder of home and¬†home is where the heart is. One handy tip I learned overtime is to re-cut the stems every 2-3 days to keep flowers fresh and helps lengthen the life of the flowers.



Love, Sharon


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  1. Who knew there was a day dedicated to donuts? Had the most delicious donuts on donut day, my favorite was the strawberry donut.
  2. Picked up two bunches of peonies from Trader Joes, a nice way to start the week!
  3. Went to a botanical garden with my sister and mom over the weekend and fell in love with the rose garden.
  4. Love a good salad from sweetgreen.
  5. The Apartment by the Line was on top of my list to visit when I was in NYC and I’m glad I did! The space was dreamy and filled with decor inspiration – now if only I could afford everything.
  6. There’s something satisfying about picking out my outfit, and flat lays bring my imagination to life.
  7. My sister introduced me to this grapefruit ginger juice – let’s just say the packaging makes up for the taste, but there’s a crisp, tangy feel that keeps you addicted.



Love, Sharon



I can’t believe how fast time flies – it’s already June! So happy it’s peony season again and glad the sun is finally out! Since my sister and I both love avocado toasts and acai bowls we decided to make it for breakfast. I was in charge of making the acai bowls (recipe here) while she made avocado toasts. My idea of a perfect breakfast! Even though the weather has been getting hot I’ve been sipping on matcha lattes, which you can probably tell from my Instagram. I’m going to be testing out different matcha latte recipes and once I perfect it I’ll have a post up. It’s almost Fri-yay!



Love, Sharon

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