The Pink Diary



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I celebrated my birthday the past couple of days with friends and family! I felt overwhelmed and blessed to be surrounded by amazing people in my life. Thank you for the endless love and for accepting me for who I am, you all know who you are :) Days before my birthday I spent some time with my brother playing monopoly deal (best game ever) and went on a walk with my parents, and it just reminded me that life is short and to cherish the time you have with loved ones. My relationship with my mom hasn’t always been the best, but as I’m getting older I’m starting to understand her and love her for her. I thought I would include the picture of the tulips because I had a good laugh taking this picture, it’s actually my brother’s hands. I was showing him how I would like him to take the picture since my hands were full, but after a good fifteen minutes I decided it wasn’t going to work out. I tried to convince him to paint his nails, but obviously that didn’t happen – oh the things I do for a photo.



Love, Sharon



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Hello Spring! Hopefully that means the weather will be warming up soon :) I got a little too excited at the market and came back home with four flower bunches, but they bloomed beautifully so I have no regrets. So stoked it’s the weekend and it’s spring and…cherry blossom festival is in a couple of weeks! Hope everyone enjoys their first day of Spring and happy weekend everyone!



Love, Sharon


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It’s the last day of winter! Finally! My sister came down to visit and brought me a donut from doughnut plant – yum! Honestly I wasn’t a fan of donuts but NYC donuts are game changers, don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. As I’m getting older I find myself worrying less about the little things and looking at the bigger picture. So…donut worry and be happy!

P.S. This movie is life changing



Love, Sharon




It’s been difficult staying motivated to eat healthy and workout, but I’ve been trying to stay positive and motivated. Couple of things I’ve realized about losing weight is :

1) It should be for YOU – not for anyone else.
2) Don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing results at first. Everything takes time.
3) Make it a lifestyle, don’t expect the weight to stay off if you’re only putting in effort for a month.
4) Your end goal should be realistic, not everyone can look like a model. Learn to love yourself.
5) Don’t compare yourself!

Personally I’m trying to lose weight to be healthy and feel strong. I’ve been having health problems for the past couple of years due to bad eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle, but am slowly making changes to my diet and lifestyle. It’s OK to have cheat days (in my book at least) because you shouldn’t deprive yourself, but everything in moderation.



Love, Sharon



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Where are you sunshine? It’s almost March and it’s still snowing. I switched up my morning fruits from berries to citrus fruits like grapefruit, tangerine, and blood orange. In the morning I got in the habit of drinking lemon water because of the health benefits my mom’s been raving about. As you can tell on my instagram I’ve been slowly incorporating food in my posts and opened a food instagram. Sometimes it gets repetitive and I feel uninspired when posting styled outfits every day so I wanted to explore another passion of mine – food.

Here are some instagram food accounts that make me drool and inspired:

  1. Anastasia – beautiful photos! love that she also loves flowers as much as I do
  2. Marina – everything from tasty donuts to pretty, pink peonies
  3. Maja Vase – want to eat everything…diet…what diet?!
  4. Vickie Liu – amazing and so creative. makes me want to get into baking
  5. Adrianna Adarme – gives me a homey vibe when looking through her photos




Love, Sharon