January 19, 2017

I was meaning to have this post up earlier, but procrastination got the best of me. I often get asked for flat lay tips so I thought I'd share some tips. 

Some rules that I follow by:
- always take photos in natural light, preferably in the morning
- when taking photos I usually like to take it on cloudy days. cloudy days = no shadows, sunny days = shadows.
- have a white background, think of it as a blank canvas (you don't necessarily have to but I prefer to have a white background to let the items I have stand out) 

Pick a theme and color palette.
When thinking of a flat lay photo, I think of a theme and items I can place that'll be harmonious with one another. For example, if I'm doing a beauty post like the one pictured above I think of a color palette. Since the color palette is pink, I place items that'll balance one another. I sometime include flowers in my photos for a finishing touch. For ootd flat lay posts, I typically use the same rule of thumb. As you can tell from my photos, my favorite color palettes include pink, black, white, and grey.

Make it stick.
I bet some of you are wondering how everything stays still without rolling around. It's a quick fix, it's tape. Sometimes I don't need tape and sometimes I do if it's not staying in place. Voila. 

Play around, think of it as tetris.
I used to play tetris a lot when I was in school which probably explains why I'm a perfectionist when it comes to taking flat lay photos. Everything must align and fit perfectly - same space in between each item and if one thing looks off  I'll figure out what it is before I post. I'm not saying every photo is perfect, because it certainly isn't but it captures my aesthetic. I want my photos to have the look that only I can create, where people can identify it's my photo. 

Don't copy & paste.
Instagram has changed a lot from when I first started. There are countless instagram users that have amazing photos, but what sets each apart is how unique and different they are. Sadly, I see so many accounts recreating and styling photos to look identical to mine. Creativity and authenticity is what sets different instagram accounts and photos, and I hope that people can see the difference between inspiration and imitation. In the long run, it's creativity that sets you apart :) So have fun and don't let the number of followers or likes be your goal. Be authentic.

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Love, Sharon


January 3, 2017

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far! I can't believe it's already 2017...! I rang in the new year with my best friends and am so excited for what the new year holds. I already booked a couple of trips this year and can't wait to share my adventures with you. So far I have Iceland, Paris, and Toronto booked and am hoping to fly to Korea and Japan in the fall! One of my resolutions this year is to travel as much as I can - I feel the most alive and inspired when I travel. It opens my eyes to the different cultures and a reminder to stay open minded. I hope in 2017 you'll be able to explore and do what makes you happy, because in the end it's your life and you should always chase after your happiness. Hope you have a magical 2017 and thank you always for your love and support! 

Love, Sharon


December 13, 2016

I've slowly been collecting photos, boarding passes, and sentimental items such as notes and letters to myself over the past two years and placing them in a memory box. This is my third memory box so far! My first memory box is filled with memories from my childhood, and my second box is reminiscent of my high school and college years. Each box holds special meaning because it holds both happy and painful memories that reminds me of my past and present. I love looking through my memory boxes during the days I'm feeling nostalgic, and today was one of those days. I was looking at photos I snapped while I was in Paris in October. Paris was one of my favorite trips so far because I went without any expectations, and I came back home wishing I was Parisian. I felt like I walked into a storybook, every corner was so picturesque. It was everything I imagined and more.

Today, while having lunch with my dad we talked about our goals for 2017 and our highs and lows for this year. It reminded me of how blessed I am to be surrounded with supportive friends and family. I can't wait to fill my memory box with new pictures and memories for the upcoming year! Anyone else have a memory box?

Love, Sharon


December 12, 2016 Orlando, FL, USA

AH - I haven't been to Disney World ever since I was in elementary school with my family, but I was counting down the days until Disney! Disney World is one of those magical places that you don't ever want to wake up from. All of my childhood memories were relived while going on the rides and seeing my favorite Disney characters come to life. What better place than to celebrate my sister's birthday than at Disney? Disney was in the holiday spirit with the place lit up with Christmas lights and decorations. It truly is the happiest place on earth! I didn't think it would be busy, but the place was packed and got busier towards closing time because there was a firework show. I wish I had more time so I could've gone to Universal Studio to see Harry Potter, but there's always next time! December is truly the best time of the year :)
A couple of days late but happy birthday to my sister Deborah! My life would be incomplete without you, I love you! Blessed and so lucky to have you in my life.

Love, Sharon


December 11, 2016 Tokyo, Japan

I went to Tokyo last month in November, but am just getting around to posting these photos. Amazing is an understatement...I'm hoping to go again next fall! Feeling nostalgic already.  Sadly, I was sick during my entire stay in Tokyo which is why I don't have that many photos but I fell in love with the city the moment I landed. Everyone is very polite, kind, and willing to help. I only know how to say ありがとうございます (thank you / arigatou gozaimasu) and a couple of phrases, but luckily my friends were my tour guides throughout the trip. Thank you Sarah, Dorothy, and Yumi for taking care of me :)

Highlights of my visit:
*I recommend going to all of the places mentioned above if you have time

Places I wish I visited:
-Shinjuku Piss Alley

-Ichiran Ramen
-Japanese candy! So good!

I don't recall having any bad food during my stay in Japan, everything was delicious! I would definitely recommend eating tonkatsu and curry while in Japan, it's different than Korean curry that I'm used to but it's amazing. The line for Sushi Dai can take several hours since there's limited seating, but personally I think it's worth the wait. People start lining up as early as 2 to 3am since doors open at 5am so I would plan ahead if you're willing to go. I had to go to the hospital while I was in Japan, but in Japan is very cheap. It's the price of a steak chipotle for a doctor's visit! I have to say Tokyo is one of my favorite places I've traveled so far and I can't wait to go back!

Love, Sharon


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