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After a long day of staring at my laptop and my iphone my eyes need a break so I like to take a walk or look up at the sky to gather my thoughts and be inspired. I’ve been taking frequent breaks throughout the day and have been enjoying my time snacking on fruits and taking a break from technology. I was inspired by the colors of the morning sunlight and curated images incorporating the two things I am passionate about, food and fashion. It was challenging being disconnected from technology, but sometimes you have to take a break and enjoy the little things in life. Take a break from technology and join the look up challenge! smartwater is having an Instagram challenge here, follow smartwater on Instagram and post an image that embodies the look up challenge & #lookupsweepstakes to be entered :) Good luck!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by smartwater through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about smartwater, all opinions are my own.

Love, Sharon



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Happy Monday! Sorry for the lack of updates and know it’s a bit late but wanted to share pictures from my 4th of July :) I went to New York for the holiday weekend and discovered an adorable dessert spot called The Bakeshop located in Brooklyn. I also went to Smorgasburg and shared delicious eats and refreshing drinks with my sister and J. After several attempts to find the best tacos, four to be exact, we found an amazing taco place called Taqueria Diana in St. Marks. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had an amazing Fourth for those in the states!

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Love, Sharon



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Happy Sunday! I thought I would share some of my favorite summer products that I have been using religiously over the past couple of weeks and months. I switched my foundation back to Make Up For Ever HD foundation and have been using the Real Techniques sponge, which gives the right amount of coverage. I’ve been searching for a sunblock that doesn’t break me out (my skin is very sensitive) and heard great things about Shiseido’s suncare line and have been using their oil-free face sunblock and face/body sunblock. I would recommend it for anyone that is looking for an everyday sunblock, I love that it doesn’t feel heavy when applying. I’m a huge fan of Ole Henriksen and have tried almost all their products but wanted to try a new moisturizer, I’m on my second jar of their nurture me moisturizer and love it! Tarte has a great skincare and beauty line, I’m a huge fan of their line because it is formulated without SLS, mineral oil, and parabens. I’ve been using their cheek stains and their eye cream which is wonderful for the summer because of the light consistency, perfect for the summertime. What are your summertime beauty products you’ve been loving?

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Love, Sharon



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It’s finally summer! This quote was a little reminder to myself that although things may not always go the way I want it to, there are those moments that make me feel grateful to be alive. I’ve been trying new products over the past couple of weeks and can’t wait to share some of them in an upcoming post! Hope everyone has a great week :)

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Love, Sharon



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Happy Thursday! One more day until it’s the weekend :) I’ve had a recent obsession with fruits (especially blueberries and strawberries) ever since I’ve tried to eat clean these past couple of weeks. I now start my mornings with iced green tea and fix myself breakfast with eggs and a side of fresh fruits. As you can tell fruits are everywhere on my Instagram feed these past couple of months! On a side note, Walt Disney’s quote is a reminder to myself to never stop dreaming and always keep an open mind – don’t stop imagining.

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Love, Sharon



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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent my Memorial weekend in New York with my best friend and sister :) I went overboard with ice cream this past trip and have a newfound love for red velvet ice cream at Sprinkles (a must!). This past weekend I took a trip with my family to Ocean City and enjoyed going back and reminiscing my childhood days at the beach. I shared a snow cone and funnel cake with my sister and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset!


Love, Sharon



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Summer is almost here! I’m staying cool from the heat with watermelon and iced sweets :) So excited for Memorial weekend I’ll be enjoying it with my best friend. Follow my instagram here to see where I’ll be off to. Hope everyone stays cool and enjoys their week!


Love, Sharon




SO happy that it’s finally peony season! I’ve been patiently waiting and finally saw them at my local Whole Foods :) The quote the best is yet to come gave me hope as I’m currently trying to sort out some things in my life and was encouraged to be patient and have faith. This past week was filled with catching up with friends, I’m learning to cherish the friendships where we can both pick up from where we left off. Hope everyone had a great week and cheers to another week ahead! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, strong women that are in our lives and help shape us to become the person we are today.


Love, Sharon




Enjoying my Saturday afternoon reading Time magazine and snacking on Ladurée macarons! I’ve been waiting for this month’s Time magazine because it had Beyoncé on the cover and always anticipate their annual list of the most influential people. I treated myself to some sweets because I’ve been on track with goals this week :) Excited to watch Spider Man 2 later tonight, hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



Love , Sharon




I love this quote, “bloom where you’re planted” by Mary Engelbriet it makes me appreciate where I am right now in the present. The weather has been a bit cool but bright and sunny so I’ve been enjoying the past couple of days running and challenging myself to eat clean. I just started a new book called The Fault In Our Stars and trying to finish it before it hits the theatres in June. Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!


Love, Sharon