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March 21, 2019 Prague, Czechia

Ah, Prague! I was so glad I had time to squeeze in Prague during my Vienna trip, because I wasn't able to go two years ago. Just as everyone said it would be, it truly is a whimsical place that looks like you just stepped into a storybook. I was a bit unsure if I would be able to enjoy the city since the forecast was rainy for the days I was there, but luckily even though it was gloomy I was able to explore the city. Prague is such a magical city and even though I was only there for a short stay, I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. One thing I did underestimate though was how windy and chilly it was. Below are some of my recommendations on what to do! Prague has a special place in my heart, such a beautiful place with colorful buildings and rich culture.

Places to visit
Old Town Square // The heart of Prague that has beautiful, Gothic buildings and the main attraction. A fairy tale square that takes you back in time.
Astronomical Clock // The clock is one of the main attractions in Prague and people flock to see the twelve apostle figurines peeping out when the clock strikes every hour. It is the oldest astronomical clock that's still operating.
Old Town Hall Tower // Come here for a view of Old Town Square! You can capture beautiful, panoramic shots of the square and enjoy a stunning view of the magical city.
Charles Bridge // Historic bridge that crosses the Vltava River in Prague, a short walk that leads from Old Town to the newer areas which is less touristy.  Cross it to get to the John Lennon Wall. The Charles Bridge is a huge tourist spot, but definitely worth a visit. I came here during the day and also at night. There's also a tower you can climb up at the beginning of the bridge for a view of the city.
John Lennon Wall // Famous wall that was once dedicated to Lennon, but the wall is constantly changing with messages of hope, peace, and love. You can also write your own message, just remember to bring a sharpie.
Prague Castle // I underestimated this landmark and almost overlooked coming here, but it's a stunning building with a rich history. Definitely stop by here if you have time as there's a lot of ground to cover.
Palladium // A huge department store that has a grocery store on the bottom floor called Albert

Other suggestions: Dancing House, Jubilee Synagogue

Sisters // A cute open sandwich shop that costs about $1.50 each. Variety of delicious sandwiches and about a five minute walk from Old Town Square.
La Bottega Linka // A popular spot that's trendy and has delicious dishes to choose from.
My Raw Cafe // I was very excited to find this vegan cafe so close by to Old Town Square! It's also a couple of steps away from Sisters. I would recommend coming here if you're looking for yummy vegan dishes, their coffee cheesecake is amazing.
Onesip Coffee // A small, three seater coffee shop that's right by Old Town Square. Perfect spot to sit down and grab a cup of coffee.

Other food suggestions: Cafe Savoy, John Lennon Pub, Nostress, Home Kitchen, Misto, Mr. HotDog, Cafe Jen, and Zmrzlinar for ice cream
Bakery & Coffee suggestions: Cukrarna Mysak, Ema Espresso Bar, and Muj Salek Kavy

You can also check my instagram highlight to see videos and photos of my Prague trip!

Love, Sharon


March 5, 2019

March is already here and I'm reflecting on how the past couple of months breezed by. To me, January felt like an extension of December. February was tough because I've been sick for the most part, but it's been nice to stay home and let my body rest. This month will be a bit crazy because I'll be traveling for most of March, but I'm excited to visit new places and see old friends.

I'm currently packing last minute things into my luggage and checking things off my to-do list. I'll be boarding the plane in a couple of hours and I can't wait to share photos when I come back!

Love, Sharon

HELLO 2019

January 2, 2019

It's been awhile since I last posted, but I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year! Every year I always make a list but find myself not seeing it through. However, I think I made a list that is actually doable so hopefully I can check these off by the end of the year! I'm glad that it's finally 2019, because 2018 was a blur and I wouldn't say it was the best year for me personally. I've been having health issues so it led to many woe me moments, but also a time for me to reflect and prioritize what I hold close and dear. As I'm inching towards the end of my twenties I think I've come to slowly accept who I am and learn to love myself. In 2019, I hope that I can live fearlessly without any regrets. Cliche but very true. If I look back in my life, I found myself missing out on opportunities because I was insecure. Living in America I take things for granted and I told myself that in the upcoming year I will be jotting down what I'm thankful for each day. Wishing everyone good health and blessings in the upcoming year!

What are your resolutions for 2019?

Love, Sharon


October 31, 2018 London, UK

London was one of my favorite places to travel so far this year, one being because there was no language barrier and they take their blooms seriously. Almost every corner is embellished with a beautiful, variety of blooms! I love London and was so happy to have had the chance to visit again this year during my stay in Europe. I took the EuroStar (highly recommend taking this!) from Paris and was surprised at how easy it was to take the train. I had a list of places I jotted down in my notes after doing some research, but once I arrived I had to pick and choose because of a tight schedule. I know I'm a bit late posting this, but thought I would do a round up of places from my recent visit. There's so much discover and I can't wait to go back to London!

Farm Girl // not might be for everyone but a lovely spot for those who are health conscience 
Grind // oh my, a must go when in London. It's an Australian cafe and they have couple of locations, but I went to the one in Covent Garden and everything was amazing! I would try their beet latte, it was delicious!
Japan Centre // near Piccadilly Circus for those who loves all things Japanese (me!). You can pick up some Japanese snacks and food or come to sit down for a cup of tea.
Vegan Crosstown // for someone who is on the hunt for amazing, vegan need to come here. I think about this place from time to time, they need one in the states! They also have non vegan donuts if you go to their other shop, Crosstown Doughnuts. This one is solely for vegan donuts, also a perfect location because you can walk to Selfridge's right after.
Sketch // ok I'm going to be honest and came here because of the pretty photos I saw on instagram. I will give them the benefit of doubt as to why I wasn't seated in the main room because it was "fully booked", but when I went to the restroom and saw that half of the room was empty...I was a bit disappointed. Overall, the tea and desserts were delicious (they have dairy free options) and the bathroom was cool, they're individual pods! 
Granger & Co // another Australian spot nestled in Notting Hill that has delicious food and coffee! Came here twice because it was that good. Come here for brunch, but also heard their dinner is yum as well. Also, make sure to come early so you're not queueing for a table.
Juice Baby // located right next to Granger & Co and everything is vegan, sooo delicious! I had their vegan cheesecake and juice - wish I had one next to my house.

Other suggestions: Yen (soba), Townhouse at the Kensington (high tea with a Beauty & the Beast theme), Doughnut Time, Jidori (Japanese), Dishoom (popular spot), Monocle Cafe (come here for yummy pastries, food, and drinks), by Chloe, Daisy Green, and Duddell's London (dim sum).

Fortnum & Mason // Perfect place to find souvenirs for friends and family, their cookies, tea, and jams are a must!
Selfridges // favorite place to shop when in London!
Liberty London // picture perfect pit stop and also a great place to look around and shop
Jo Malone London // I would stop by here if you're looking for a new scent! Some of my favorites are Orange BlossomRed RosesHoneysuckle & Davana, Vitamin E Lip, and Grapefruit.

Other suggestions: Harrods (another big department store) and Burberry Outlet Store (great finds!)

Sky Garden // I didn't have a chance to come here, but book tickets ahead of time it has a beautiful view of London!
Big Ben // right now it's under construction so there's not much to see at the moment
London Eye // so beautiful during sunset!
Piccadilly Circus // lots of shops here in the area and a great spot to sit down and relax. There are also a lot of street performers, it reminded me a bit of Times Square.
Soho - Carnaby Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street // great areas to stroll, shop, and dine
Westminster Abbey // I didn't have a chance to go inside, but walked around outside and it's a stunning building!
Buckingham Palace // I didn't have a chance to go, but it's a must go when in London
Covent Garden // lots of shops and restaurants in the area
Neal's Yard // I didn't have a chance to go but it's known for their vibrant and cool shops and cafes
Notting Hill // lovely, quiet neighborhood with colorful homes aka the bougie area
Portobello Road Market // large antique market if you're looking for something unique

Other suggestions: If you want to wander around without a schedule, I would suggest going to Mayfair, Regent's Park, and Shoreditch.

You can also check my Instagram London highlights if you'd like to see videos or pictures from my London trip!

Love, Sharon
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